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Interchangeable Automatic, Universal Roll Paper Towel Dispenser Module designed for changing traffic and usage needs. Intuitive, user-friendly light directs users to towel activation zone. Allows conversion from folded towel and “touch-free” roll towel to automatic, universal roll towel. Field conversion made easy without replacing existing cabinets in the wall. Accepts universal standard-core non-perforated roll 8″ wide, 8″ diameter. Works with our B-3944, B-3961, and B-3974 series.
Refer to accessory options listing below for additional interchangeable products.

BOBRICK 3974-350

  • Note: Bobrick recently implemented a product design change in Feb 2023; the 3974-350 is only compatible with the newly designed version.

    For units purchased prior to Feb 2023, please order the 3974-250 to convert to our standard automatic paper dispenser.

    If you are unsure of which model you have, please contact Bobrick Customer Service prior to placing your order.

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