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Who We Are


PRESTO Loves Water

A leading French industrial group, we put our technological expertise, our human and environmental responsibility, and our knowledge of sustainable products at the service of water control in public access buildings.

Our Commitments

PRESTO addresses all projects
of the basis of 5 Fundamental Pillars: Santary, Environmental, Image, Financial, Regulatory

Our Technologies

PRESTO timer valves are made from high-quality materials. They are equipped with a mechanism that is unique on the market and for which only PRESTO holds the patent: a calibrated and wear-resistant synthetic ruby, self-cleaning by means of a brake wire, which ensures a constant delay.

PRESTO Patents

To remain a pioneer in the design and manufacture of tapware and accessories for sanitary facilities in public access buildings is a real innovation challenge in itself. Thanks to our R&D, and our knowledge of markets and changing needs, we now have 69 registered patents!

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