Dahara Mulia Sejahtera is a privately-owned company that is the sole distributor and marketer rights for some of the world’s top known sanitary brands such as EXCEL DRYER, BOBRICK, KOALA KARE, VECTAIR SYSTEMS, GAMCO and GREENLAM.

We take pride in the fact that we have successfully provided Indonesia with top of the line products in a short period of time. Our unprecedented success is due to our focus on “Providing the Best Value” for our quality products and services.

Our clientele include hospitals, theme parks, restaurants, and convention centers so whether you are a commercial or industrial institution, we have the innovative tools, enviromentally-friendly technologies, and technical support to fit your needs.

At Dahara, we work as one team with a common goal to provide the best service to our customers. We value customer satisfaction which is why it has been our philosophy that customers should be treated in a fair and balanced manner. Thus, we endeavor to make “Fair Dealing” a core practice in everything we do, from the way we interact with customers to the products and services we offer. This philosophy has made us Indonesia’s top service provider for washroom accessories and sanitary products. Driven by loyalty, we work to build long-term customer relationships. For us, profitability is not the only measure of success. Rather, the satisfaction of our customers is equally important.


Our Customers Our Employees Our Vendors Our Shareholders
  • Sell or price with integrity.
  • Serve with dignity.
  • Treat with respect.
  • Position according to their talent.
  • Reward abundantly.
  • Treat as part of the family.
  • Provide career opportunities for advancement.
  • Procure efficiently.
  • Cultivating mutual respect.
  • Build relationship with trustworthy.
  • Communicate sincerely.
  • Inform honestly.
  • Share generously.